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3 Simple Things Every Dog Owner Needs To Know To Teach A Dog Quickly & Easily
...without pain, force, a major time investment or fancy equipment
In this information-packed session with our co-founder Annie Grossman, you'll learn:
  • The easy ways in which you can teach dogs by helping them make associations 
  • How to use your dog's regular meals in training 
  • ​The single most important behavior you can start training today
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Three Keys To Dog Training Success

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Traditional dog training lessons focus on teaching specific behaviors or understanding specific breeds. 

In this workshop, you'll learn why, at School For The Dogs, we take a different approach. Learn how to understand how dogs learn in order to train in a way that is more fun, efficient and effective. 

Anyone can learn to train a dog quickly and easily by understanding a few of of these simple concepts. 

At School For The Dogs we have helped thousands of dog owners in NYC. Thanks to our online offerings, now people from all over the world are able to access the best dog training techniques. 

"School For The Dogs made interacting with a snarky, barky little dude with sharp teeth seem effortless and fun."

--Tina Y.

"I’ve learned how to get behaviors I want, and how to turn stressful situations for Eva into situations that aren’t scary anymore.”

--Lenny K. 

"School for the Dogs feels like family now, and we recommend them to everyone!"

--Jessica B. 
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